Phodown 6: Pho Ai My

Pho Ai My
Address: 221 Spadina, Toronto (map)
Date & time of visit: February 14, 2013 + 12:45pm
Price (based on deluxe pho): Small – $5.00; Medium – $6.00; Large – $8.00

Pho Ai My Ext



Broth: 6 | Beef: 3.5 | Noodle: 7 | Condiment: 5 | Service/atmosphere: 6 | Overall: 5.5


Broth: 7 | Beef: 6 | Noodle: 7 | Condiment: 6.5 | Service/atmosphere: 7 | Overall: 6.7

Overall Rating: 6.1

Quality per dollar (based on medium pho): 1.07

Write-up from Jason:

There are times in life when you think you’ve seen the bottom – dark and tangible – but it wasn’t really the bottom. It was a dream of the middle. That’s how this endeavor is starting to feel.

It started with such lofty aspirations: a sense of exploration, a world of pho to discover. A world of pho to subject to the scrutiny of empirical observation. And in exploring a deep, rich bowl of pho, maybe we would learn something about ourselves. But this phodown just seems to go deeper and deeper without finding any meaning. No epistemic truths, just a solitary, empty bowl filled with ghosts of better times.

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