Date 1: Burgers with Sean + Anne


Summer hasn’t graced Toronto with her presence yet, but 100 dates of Summer kicked off with a dinner date at Sean and Anne’s for burgers and beer.  Regular phodowners, Sean and Anne also griddle up a mean burger and this was on full display Wednesday night.

I was treated to a nice Greek salad of local hothouse campari tomatoes, cucumbers and feta, and burgers with all the fixings.  Sean sauteed some porcini mushrooms and red onions, and I had the choice of mozzarella, English cheddar, and swiss (I opted for one with cheddar and one with mozz.).  There was also a gourmet honey mustard that was more or less the hit of the night.

Burgers from Sean

If I could change one thing, it’d be not forgetting the fries in the oven.  But I certainly wouldn’t change the rousing episode of Game of Thrones we watched afterwards.

1 down, 99 to go.


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