Date 5: Thai from a Fish and Chip Place with Eric and Virginie


Vicky’s Fish & Chips, at 414 Roncesvalles Ave; call (416) 531-8822

Last Friday Eric took me and Virginie to a Thai place he knows in Roncesvalles, an area quickly becoming a favorite of mine. Vicky’s is an oddity. It’s officially a fish and chip joint, and a decent one if you believe the hype. But it’s also a Thai restaurant, featuring an extensive Thai menu thanks to the Thai owner and chef. Eric touted this place as a super gritty, authentic Thai joint.

having fun at Vicky's

In fact, and this is something he’s admitted since, the Thai is pretty Americanized. I haggled with Vicky’s husband for quite a while, trying to get her to make me something they’d eat at home. He was married to his standard script, however, narrowing me down to rice or noodles, then a protein, then finally a seasoning. At the end of the day the talked me into ginger chicken, which really was just a chicken stir-fry with ginger. It was fine, but only hinted at its creator’s Southeast Asian origins.

Ginger chicken at Vicky's

That’s not to say that I didn’t enjoy the experience. It was heartening to walk to through kitchen into a spacious patio area decorated with mismatching patio furniture and other odds and ends. This all fits a motif that includes torches, Micky Mouse cups, and feeling you are in some family’s backyard. Beers, including Tiger and Sapporo are dead cheap.

Listen: this isn’t a place that does any food item particularly well. There isn’t a beer here that you can’t find at any LCBO. But the cooking is honest, the service is personal, and you’ll get out of there for under $15 for dinner and a beer. Eric constantly apologized for the experience, but I had a blast.


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