Date 6: Sandwiches and cocktails at This End Up with Bryn


This End Up, at 1454 Dundas; call (647) 347-8700

On Wednesday Bryn and I descended on This End Up, conveniently located equidistant between our two homes. I had been meaning to try it since phodowner Anne reported enjoying it several months ago. I suppose the idea is classic cocktails and and fancy sandwiches. Personally, I’d prefer something more like finger foods with a classic cocktail, but that’s probably nit-picky. And in fact there are a few finger foods on This End Up’s menu, including fish tacos (which are actually quite substantial), Korean-influenced chicken wings, and “pickles and sticks” (grilled sausages and pickled vegetables).

Long story short, I was more impressed with the cocktails than the sandwiches here. In particular, I had “Doctors Order” (natch), a take on a Tom Collins with gin, kaffir lime leaves and lemon. It was both potent and refreshing – a perfect late spring drink. A classic margarita (lime, tequila, and grand marnier) was also well executed.

In terms food, we got the fish tacos, which were fine. I thought the fish could have been slightly fresher, and it was overshadowed by loads of cabbage, which I admittedly could have just taken off. The pork belly banh mi was also well executed, but it’s become quite a well traveled dish over the past few years, and I think Banh Mi Boys does it better. Finally, the pickles and sticks were fun, but the sausages were quite salty – a better pair with beer than strong cocktails.

Based on this one visit, I’d say This End Up is a fun little gastropub. Everything is well considered, the seasonal cocktails elegant and restrained, but I’m just not sure how cohesive the concept is.


3 thoughts on “Date 6: Sandwiches and cocktails at This End Up with Bryn

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