Date 7: Yotam Ottolenghi’s lemon goat cheese ravoili with Eric and Emily


Lemon goat cheese ravioli

About a week and a half ago Emilio got it into her head that she wanted to make this ravioli recipe from her cookbook Plenty. So we did it.

I was feeling a bit dazed from some late nights at work and possible food poisoning. But I was also riding high from an incredible evening the night before. So I pushed through. Eric was preoccupied by one of the Maple Leaf games.

Ottolenghi lemon and goat cheese ravioli

As for the ravioli, they didn’t turn out quite as we hoped. Emily went all out, even buying a three peppercorn mix and picking out the pink ones. The hitch was, despite following the recipe with exactitude, the dough never quite came together. We had to keep adding in extra oil and egg and it turned out very dry and fragile. The filling, however, was divine.

The bottom line on this recipe: great flavor, terrible texture. Try a different pasta dough recipe and you should be fine.


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