Date 10: Lunch at the Leslie Spit with Virginie (alt. title: “A Dream of Summer”)


Remember Victoria day, when it was sunny and beautiful out and we thought Summer was finally here? Well, it turns out it wasn’t the turning point we thought it would be. But I had a grand day.

Leslie Spit

Virginie and I biked out down the waterfront to the Leslie Spit. It was quite a ride down the waterfront, through various slow-walking families, traffic jams, parades, and the like. As the sun beat down on my poorly protected shoulders, I got the feeling I’d probably wind up with quite the sunburn. But then again, sometimes you need a sunburn to really feel like things are changing.

The Spit is an interesting thing. Eric, ever the optimist, touted it as this incredible peninsula that, at its point, overlooks all of Toronto – a majestic sight indeed. In fact, it is a peninsula made of trash, accessible only from the East end of Toronto. While I’m certainly glad I got a chance to explore its paths, it’s really not the idea place to picnic, because anytime you look down, you realize you are standing on a bunch of old concrete, metal, glass, and really just materials unwanted by the rest of the world.

Leslie Spit Lunch

What wasn’t unwanted (terrible segue alert), was the lunch Virginie and I shared. I packed up ham sandwiches with Quebec cheese and pesto on Portuguese buns, Quebec beer, and Portuguese egg custards. Truly an international smorgasbord.

While the meal didn’t really fall together in a cohesive manner, it was a much appreciated respite from a long ride. And the fact that we were sitting on trash didn’t manage to interfere with our appetites.


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