Date 12: Wallflower with Amanda


Wallflower, at 1665 Dundas Street West; call (647) 352-5605

A couple of weeks ago there was a surprisingly warm Wednesday night and Amanda and I tried out Wallflower on Dundas Street. Amanda is a North Parkdale/Little Portugal fixture and knows pretty much all of the local businesses. She was running a little late having just come from a clothing swap, where she also had one beer too many, according to her. I had managed to get off work at a reasonable hour and was quite excited about trying out Wallflower, which came highly recommended.

Right off the bat, I like the concept of Wallflower. It’s an intimate main room with a lively back patio that was full the night we went. The design is just about spot in terms of matching the food and vibe. It’s sort of got steampunk thing going on with vintage-looking fixtures and lights, straddling the line between cool and kitschy.

Oysters @ Wallflower

Amanda wasn’t too hungry so we ordered light: a dozen oysters (at $2 a pop), a deviled egg (for me; some variation of the deviled egg seems to be a nightly thing), and some kind of stew that seemed interesting. I also had a couple of Beau’s.

There was probably one other dish, but it escapes me at the moment – the night is a bit of a blur. We did enjoy the oysters a great deal, but it seemed like they were sitting out for a bit before they got to the table because the ice was quite melted already. Still these oysters, from New Brunswick, were small and sweet, and expertly shucked. The deviled egg, at only $1.50 was also a treat, the ginger accent brightening up the egg.

Once again, the stew is a bit of a blur – we enjoyed it, but it didn’t really fit the steamy room.

Dovetailing with the oyster delay, I’d be remiss if I didn’t note that I thought the waiter was a bit too cool for school.

Amanda is a terrific listener and a truly empathetic person. I had a terrific time getting to know her outside of the coffee shop we normally chat at. She’s lived a rich life, taking on various jobs where she’s met hundreds of interesting people, and she can truly weave a story.

It was a mighty fine night.


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