Date 13: Julie’s Cuban Cafe with Amanda


Julie’s Cuban Cafe, at 202 Dovercourt Road; call (416) 532-7397

Not long after Wallflower, Amanda and I dined at Julie’s Cuban Cafe, a little restaurant hidden away in a residential section of Dovercourt.  Ironically, it’s where I suggested Bryn and I dine a few weeks prior (we ended up at This End Up), but she said anywhere but there.  That’s not to mention that I attended a nice, but ultimately tainted birthday party there last November.

Julie's Cuban App specials

But at the end of the day, I was rounding out a brutal week of work, and Amanda offered to handle dinner plans.  I love it when someone takes initiative since all too often people can just be timid or wishy-washy and plans never get made.

So, the stress melted away, we threw back a few mojitos (which the bubbly, free-spirited server told us featured mint grown in their garden), and enjoyed a halcyon evening.  (I should note, however, that the mojitos could have used a bit more oomph mint-wise).

We threw them a curve ball, ordering entirely from the specials menu: a salad of hearts of palm and strawberry, beef empanadas, and tilapia with black beans and rice, and a mango salad.  Overall, I think see what Bryn was talking about.  The frying was problematic as the oil was clearly old, and the fish dish was really just a meat and sides.

If you’re going to bill yourself as a simple neighborhood restaurant, then you really have to execute at a high level.  Julie’s doesn’t do that.  It’s fine, but in this area, there are better options.


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