Date 21: Getting Sauced at WVRST with Eric, Emily, and Sarah


WVRST @ 609 King Street West – Call: (416) 703-7775

This one comes from the wayback machine. We’re talking way, way back to May 27th when work had just begun.  I wasn’t feeling my best and weekend before had been an unpleasant one.

Now that the set has been dressed, I should add that a primary impetus behind the timing of this night is that WVRST offers an incredible deal: $5 pints of local beer on Mondays (nearly 50% off the market rate). In terms of the crowd, it had been a long time since I had seen Emily and Sarah, two good friends, and Eric had never met Sarah (yet we all knew they’d get along famously).

I was in the presence of an expert this evening as Sarah has been kicking around a sauce-themed restaurant concept for quite some time now. And it was incredible watching her in her element (WVRST offers no less than 14 sauces to go along with their duck fat fries). I believe we tried eight and we enjoyed comparing and ranking them. Sarah and I agreed pretty closely, while Emily and Eric formed some kind of strange bond over their clearly inferior sauce choices.


Long story short, this was a great evening. My memory is fuzzy due to time and the fact that we all drank a lot more than we were accustomed to. It was one of those nights where we lost track of time and the amount of the beverages we were consuming. A convivial evening.

I will say that the beer selection here is thoughtful, the duck fat fries are duck fat fries (i.e., good), and the sauces are fun. I think I enjoyed the sausage, but all I can remember is that the bun was a bit too bready, overwhelming the sausage.


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