Date 22: After-class lunch with Caleb, Kimbo and Jason


Hurricanes Roadhouse @ 936 Bloor Street West – Call: (416) 531-7818

Here’s another date from way back to June 1st, the last day of my Foundations II improv class.

Hurricanes is a bar/pub near Bloor and Dovercourt, often in direct competition with Disgraceland in terms of clientele and just being a similarly-styled pub in the area. Both are also favorites of the local comedy scene that performs out of the Comedy Bar.

On this day, our class had just ended and a few of us decided to have an end-of-class lunch. I think Hurricanes was the choice because our teacher, Evany, had often said she’d have after class beers/office hours at Hurricanes, but that turned out to never happen.

The prices here are about what you’d expect to pay at a standard pub – entrees in the $10 range and drinks in the $5-10 range. I think the special of the day (a Saturday) was $3 caesars, which – assuming that figure is correct – is eminently reasonable. I ended up opting for one of those and a burger (picture below).

Hurricanes burger

Again, pretty much exactly what you’d expect. The meat was cooked to hell, but it didn’t have an overly processed/frozen flavor. The fries were lifeless, but salvageable with whatever cocktail of condiments you prefer: catsup, vinegar, hot sauce, etc. The service was appropriately surly and disinterested, but the job got done.

If you are in the neighborhood and fancy a quick bite and a beer, Hurricanes is worth a shot.


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