Date 23: “Irish Nachos” at the Irish Embassy Pub with Setareh


Irish Embassy Pub Grill @ 47 Yonge Street – Call: (416) 866-8282

On a Thursday in late June I continued a tradition of leaving work for an hour or two for a date, and then returning to the office for a long night.

I met Setareh online and we developed a very easy rapport. Quick-witted, agreeable and either causing or as a cause of her profession in sports media, she is very much a guy’s gal. We agreed on after work beers at the Irish Embassy as our first (and incidentally, only) date.

Irish Embassy Irish Nachos

I had been to the Irish Embassy a few times before our date and had developed a strong lukewarmness towards the place. I think in the past I’ve had the Irish stew, burger, and fish and chips. The latter two were well executed and while the stew was a noble attempt at making the place Irish in more than name only, a burnt element in the stew lent a carbon flavor the entire concoction that should have been caught.

Tonight was mostly about drinks, but since we both wanted something to nibble on, we opted for Irish nachos, which is pretty much exactly what one would expect (waffle-cut fries, and various nacho toppings such as sour cream, guac, salsa, cheese, and green onions).

Something like this is very difficult to evaluate. The fries were crispy and not-greasy. The ingredients tasted fresh. Still, something about nachos seems to just work well with corn chips, potatoes being a bit blander and not as good a medium for nacho toppings. But hey, this ain’t the French Laundry.

Despite the general pleasantness of the date, and our shared understanding that this type of dating is a great way to not only meet a potential partner, but also just make connections, Setareh has declined my attempts to maintain a friendship.


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