Date 24: Assistant-appreciation lunch at Beer Bistro with Larysa, Kristi, Jenn and Rachael


Beer Bistro @ 18 King Street East – Call: (416) 861-9872

On the first Friday of July, Jenn, Rachael and I took our litigation rotation assistants, Larysa and Kristi, out for lunch at Beer Bistro. As I know many of you tune in for the weather reports: it was a typical rainy summer day in Toronto.

I have been to Beer Bistro a few times and it’s generally a good, reasonably priced joint given the area. In a date that I forgot to take photos for, Darryl, Peter and I had a nice lunch early in the summer. I appreciate the extensive beer list here, and the attempts to pair dishes with beer. The selection of local craft beers, however, is a bit wanting.

Pork sandwich

On this day I had the pulled pork sandwich ($15), the pulled pork being beer-braised. One thing to keep in mind here is that the sandwiches do not come with a side, and thus adding fries or a salad can push the cost up to the $20 range, which is a bit much for a sandwich and a side for lunch. Add a beer and you’re looking at a relatively pricey lunch. Again, it’s not unreasonable given the area, but you would like to see some of that price reflected in the food.

With regard to the pulled pork sandwich, I just didn’t think the value was there. It was a fine sandwich, and I while the beer-braising sounds cool, I didn’t get much or really in beer flavor reflected in the meat.

From the social-side, this was a very nice lunch with some very nice people. I think I did manage to put my foot in my mouth at least once.

Fries at Beer Bistro


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