Date 32: Fortuitous Lunch at The Stockyards with Sean and Dougie Fresh


The Stockyards, at 699 St. Clair Avenue West, Toronto; call 416 658 9666

Continuing my summer farewell tour, I was dropping off some DVDs at Sean’s house this Tuesday when it turned out he was home, and not only that but our friend Dougie Fresh was also in the neighborhood.
After some catching up we decided why not have a quick lunch together? Several options were considered, until we realized that despite its notoriety and close proximity, none of us had been to the Stockyards yet.

Stockyards is well known around town for its BBQ, fried chicken and burgers. Unfortunately the BBQ is never available lunches, but we did try the latter two.

After a short wait, we ported our meals over to the park next to the Wychwood Barns. This was a great idea on a sunny late summer afternoon, except for the last ten minutes when we were pestered by loads of aggressive bees. I focused on the burger, which as is prepared smashed (in accordance with the current trend). In other words, the ball of ground beef is placed on a griddle and then smashed down with a metal device). This is a terrific burger, highlighted by the fact that the beef flavor predominates the sandwich. I think you could quibble with the fact that for $9.50, you’re getting a pretty simple burger and fries, but for the location and the quality of the meat, I think it’s reasonable.

For $14, Sean got pretty good value on his chicken dinner. Four pieces of chicken were absurdly juicy, and he also got a load of fries and some coleslaw. I think the one dig on this chicken is the batter, which I wish had more bite to it.

With quality ingredients, straightforward preparations and a friendly staff Stockyards is becoming a local institution, and it’s easy to see why.


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