Eastern Promises 2: More New Five Dragon and settling in


The past couple of days have seen me slowly start to settle in here in Hong Kong, buying power adapters, a cell phone and exploring the area. Yesterday I did my best to register for classes, but there is some strange rule that international students have to do so by some form that must be approved by a couple of different offices. By that time, most of the classes that interested me (and those earlier in the week) were full, so I’m stuck taking Chinese dispute resolution on Fridays. I will have to do my traveling from Saturday to Wednesday, but I guess that really isn’t so bad.

HK nights pt 2

The day before yesterday I explored Causeway Bay and attempted to get all my electronics shopping done. It turned out to not really be the best day or time for it – a crowded Sunday. I had awoken at at about three in the morning and by the time I made it to Causeway Bay, I was already sick of the world. I didn’t manage to find a cell phone I liked, and I got overcharged for a power converter, so it was not a great day by any means (except for a very nice coconut drink I got on the cheap).

I also discovered that Causeway is home to an Ikea, where the hotdogs are actually worse than the ones in the US and Canadian Ikeas.

exterior new five dragon

In terms of meals, I’ve had breakfast at New Five Dragon every day since getting here, exploring most of the English breakfast menu.

New Five Dragon

Yesterday I had the eggs, toast and pork chop with iced milk tea ($30 HKD).


The eggs were expertly fried with deep orange yolks (which I, perhaps mistakenly, use as a gauge for the egg’s quality). I never had a pork chop for breakfast and this one was quite thin, but it made for a fine partnership with the eggs.

Today I went with the Chinese breakfast – sliced fish congee, shrimp cheung fun and, once again, iced milk tea.

congee at new five dragon

This ranks right up there as one of the best congees I’ve had along with Congee Noodle House in Vancouver. I think I prefer Congee Noodle House for its richness of flavor and deeper texture. But the flavor of Five Dragon’s version was excellent, redolent of ginger and pork. I thought the cheung fun was a bit greasy.

And rounding out my recap of meals, I had beef chow fun at Harmony restaurant last night, another HK cafe.

Harmony Restaurant

Once again, I was impressed with the efficiency and speed at which this place operates. And the the chow fun was quite good with a surprisingly generous amount of beef and good wok hay. The chow fun and iced lemon tea came to $60 HKD.

beef chow foon, harmony restaurant

My culinary explorations in Hong Kong have only just begun. And while I’m excited about what’s in store for me, I have to say that, for the sake of my health, I’m going to have to have a salad at some point.


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