Medieval Times (Toronto)

Date 47: Swordplay, chicken and booze with the work gang at Medieval Times


Medieval Times, at 10 Dufferin Street, Toronto; call (416) 260-1234

In mid-July, the day my mom arrived for a four-day visit, work decided to take the summer class to Medieval Times. This posed quite a dilemma for me, as (1) I love my mom and wanted to pick her up at the airport, and (2) I’ve wanted to go to Medieval Times ever since seeing it in Cable Guy as a kid, but prior to moving to Toronto it’s always been so far away and so expensive. Now it’s close and free.

I told my mom to get a cab.

Well, that went to hell when she lost my address and I got a frantic call from a cab driver telling me he was at my old address and he had my mom.

It eventually got worked out, but yeah, I’m a bad son.

Medieval Times was as great as I hoped, maybe better. The battle was awesome with sparks flying, horses doing weird prances, and a dangerous Northern Lord coming in to almost ruin everything. I totally got into it despite some very shaky stunt work from a couple of knights.

Medieval Times

I won’t sugarcoat the food – it was not great. The dragon’s blood soup (tomato bisque – liars!) was probably the standout with some actual depth to the stock. Everything else was rather bland, from the simple roasted chicken (the skin was far from crisp) and a boring rib.

Medieval Time Soup

Still, it was more the novelty than the food that matter and I may just be a big kid, but I thought eating with my hands was fun. Everything else was smoothed over by the fact that the firm was paying for drinks (two knight’s cocktails and two double Jamesons, for me).

Chicken at Medieval Times

Overall, you can make the argument that this is really just a place for kids.  And indeed, I saw a bunch of kids absolutely going nuts.  I hope to take my son and/or daughter here one day, should that ever happen for me.

And to cap it all off, our knight won. RED AND YELLOW KNIGHT FOREVER!!


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