Eggsmart (Bloor)

Date 49: Brunch at an egg-centric diner with the improv crew (Atakan and Kimbo)


Eggsmart (Bloor Location), at 864 Bloor Street, Toronto; call (647) 345-5578

Towards the end of July when I started to feel summer was slipping away, I started making more serious attempts at bonding with my improv friends. Throughout the late spring and summer we had a blast in class, but for some reason we didn’t hang out much outside of class.

This was eventually rectified by one of my classic blow-out nights at WVRST just a few weeks ago, but I think a brunch at Eggsmart marked the beginning of this out-of-class bonding trend.

Eggsmart Toronto

I don’t really know what to make of Eggsmart. It confounded me when I first moved here and I thought it was some kind of Ethiopian restaurant based on the Saharan-seeming art it had up (the Koreatown location at least). Turns out it’s just an egg-centric diner with higher prices than you might expect.

I had a mushroom omelet with home fries and the price was about $10. While the home fries were good – well crisped and generously portioned – you expect a little more than two eggs, mushrooms and some potatoes for $10 when you are eating in a diner.

Service was good despite the fact that Kimbo demanded a very specific amount of coffee.


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