Shopsy’s Express on Centre Island

Date 50: Resting on Centre Island with my mom (pt. 1 of the Mom Series)


Shopsy’s Express, on Centre Island

While I did kinda-sorta blow my mom off for Medieval Times, I’m not a terrible son. And as I get older I’ve started to realize how important family really is.  Or at least I’m trying to not to take it for granted. That’s why I strongly encouraged my Mom to come visit this summer.  She always puts up quite a fight.  And it’s always hard to tell if she’s just worried about being an imposition, or if she just doesn’t want to come.

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Long story short (too late): I got her to come up North.

I like to think I showed her a pretty good time despite being busy at work. Sure, the first night was an absolute disaster (Medieval Times, lost address, etc), but I did manage to make her a nice low carb meal of wild salmon and salad. The next day she visited me at work and we went to see the Way, Way back at the Eaton Centre afterwards.

The following day is when the action happened.  She was insistent she see the lake and take a ferry. To be honest, the trip over to the ferry terminal was a challenge as my mom doesn’t get around like she used to, and there was a gap in the bus service, presenting us with quite the walk. It took an hour and we almost killed each other, but we made it to the ferry eventually.

Now once we got to Centre Island we realized my mom couldn’t walk anymore, so we just posted up at the little Shopsy’s cafe they have there by the waterfront and admired the city views. Mom had a coffee and I had a Cesar and a hotdog with fries.  Both were overpriced, and both did the trick.

This day wasn’t quite what I expected, but it was great to spend some time with a rather important lady.


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