West Villa Restaurant (Causeway Bay)

Eastern Promises 6: West Villa dim sum with Eric, Wes and Melanie


West Villa Restaurant; 28 Yan Ping Road, Causeway Bay, Hong Kong

Not long after my experience at Lin Heung, I had lunch with some new friends at West Villa Restaurant in Causeway Bay. My new friend Eric chose the venue, having found it in the Lonely Planet.  I met Eric during orientation, and he introduced me to Mel – his friend from Calgary – and Wes, who is also an Albertan but one who recently relocated to Hong Kong.

Compared to Lin Heung, West Villa is incredibly ordered and upscale. In fact, it’s quite similar to most of the dim sum restaurants I’ve been to in Vancouver, Toronto and the DC area. The decor is reminiscent of a banquet hall with waiters in suits, but the clientele varying between those wearing their Sunday best, and those in jeans and a tee shirt.

HK dreams 005

In terms of food, I was reasonably impressed. The standards, such as har gao and siu mai were extremely well executed, if somewhat forgettable. Straying somewhat from the beaten track, I enjoyed an elegant plate of  roast pig served with a spicy mustard sauce.  This was a Chinese BBQ standard taken to a new level. There was also sticky rice served in some sort of omelet – different than anything I’ve had, but supremely enjoyable.

HK dreams 004

I greatly enjoyed this meal out with new friends. I would say, however, that it was not a particularly good value in my eyes. At about $35 CAD a head, I’ve experienced better value at several Vancouver area dim sum restaurants during the great Dim Sum Smackdown of 2006-2008, where the Smackdown Gang rarely paid more than $25 each. Then again, Hong Kong is an expensive city, and West Villa is located in a posh mall in one of the most commercial areas.


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