This End Up in Toronto

Date 51: Revisiting This End Up! with my mom (pt. 2 of the Mom Series)


This End Up, at 1454 Dundas Street, Toronto; call (647) 347-8700

Every time I go to This End Up I like it a little more. As you may recall, my date here with Bryn was memorable, but I left with questions about the concept. I liked it more the second time with my brother Steve. And my mom and I had a blast here this time.

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After a long day navigating Toronto’s tortured public transit system, we wanted nothing more than to have Porchetta & Co. for dinner, a sandwich I loved earlier in the year and one that mom has been drooling over since she saw Bordain try in in the Layover.  After absolutely hoofing it over there, we were sad to find out that they closed 15 minutes early that day.  Perhaps they ran out of pork.  Seems amateur to me.

But I thought This End up, which is just west on Dundas, might sate my mom’s hunger for a good sandwich.  If not, she could drown her disappointment in a stiff drink.  Turns out that although the latter wasn’t necessary, we did enjoy some nice drinks.

Long story short, mom loved this place.  It’s just the kind of casual, affordable type of restaurant she loves.  Her margarita and po’ boy hit the spot.  They also let us substitute a cup of soup for fries at no extra charge.  That day it was a vichyssoise.  Chilled, yet filling, it was the perfect remedy for a long day of walking around in midsummer sun.

My mom’s main complaint when I moved out of Eric and Emily’s was that she wouldn’t get to go back to this restaurant.

At the end of they day, This End Up perfectly characterizes what Toronto’s food scene is doing now.  Casual, well-executed small restaurants who know what they are and don’t try to exceed that.  It reminds me a hell of a lot of Brooklyn, and that’s a very good thing.


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