Big Wave Bay (Hong Kong)

Eastern Promises 7: Big Wave Bay and Noodles with Ken


A new friend and fellow student, Ken, organized a trip to the beach last weekend. He proposed we go to Big Wave Bay, which is just a quick subway and bus ride away from downtown. The rub is that he thought we should we get off the bus early and hike to the beach.

Trying to be open to new experiences, I agreed.

HK dreams 021

In fact, the trip unfolded precisely as he suggested, but I didn’t realize how challenging a hike it would be. Largely uphill, we navigated the jungle stopping briefly at incredible vistas of the beach and mountains. Fortunately, we had loaded up on bottles of water and Chinese buns.

Although I was in good shape before I left for this trip, a month of eating noodles and not exercising has left me in poor form. The hike was a wake up call, not-so-gently telling me that I should shell out for a gym membership while I’m here.

A long conversation with Ken helped keep my mind off the pain. Ken is a terrific guy, but he recently has had second thoughts about his decision to practice law in SE Asia and is considering moving home. It’s a time of great transition for him, something I could certainly emphasize with. We had a great chat.

HK dreams 028

The beach was beautiful, although full of kids. During my brief swim to wash off the jungle, I couldn’t help but notice a fair amount of trash in the water, which is disappointing. Afterwards, we stopped a little family run noodle shop and had a snack before heading home.


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