Genki Sushi (Admiralty, Hong Kong)

Eastern Promises 9: Conveyer Belt Sushi with New Friends at Genki


Genki Sushi, at 16 Harcourt, Admiralty, Hong Kong; call them at 2865 2933.

One of the first pieces of marketing I was exposed to in Hong Kong (a place where marketing is paramount) was a series of posters displayed on the wall as one ascends the escalators from the subway stations. Each one simply portrays an attractive young East Asian woman on the verge of consuming a single piece of sushi. Unfortunately, the name of the restaurant wasn’t written in English, so there was little chance of me ever figuring out what this place was.

That all changed when I made some friends, PCLL students at the school here, who suggested we get sushi for lunch. It sounded like they said Gangy (aka Lucille Bluth), but it turns out was Genki, and indeed the mysterious sushi restaurant with the aggressive marketing campaign (although a Gangy-themed restaurant – just martinis and cigarettes, I guess – would have been cool too)

Turns out it’s also one of those sushi places that employs a conveyor belt to get the sushi from the chefs to the customers, with different color plates connoting different price levels. I’ve always seen this is a bit of gimmick, and indeed one that seems vulnerable to freshness issues.

HK dreams 009

That wasn’t really a problem here as I found the sushi quite fresh. I had about five plates, ranging from tamago, to tuna to hamachi. It was nothing special, but for the price (about $10 CAD all in) it was well executed sushi with appropriately vinegared and packed rice.

HK dreams 010

Outshining the conveyer belt in my eyes was the tea system.  There was a small container of powdered green tea at the table. Combined with a spigot of hot water, it gave access to unlimited self-serve green tea. The tea wasn’t of the highest quality (it was powdered, after all) but the process was fun.

And I suppose that’s what I would say about Genki. The sushi is good for the money, and it’s a just a fun place to eat.


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