Happy New Year from your Friends at Toronto Phodown

Eastern Promises

It’s truly been one hell of a year here at Toronto Phodown.

I suppose I’ve always been a glutton for progress, and 2013 certainly improved dramatically as it went along. The progress can be seen in the 100 Dates of Summer series (which will soon wrap up – I promise!), which began after a long, trying Winter and evinces both a culinary and metaphysical transformation.

It can be seen in Eastern Promises, where for the first time in my life I lived outside of North America in a country where English was not the dominant language. I still have very nostalgic and emotionally evocative memories about long MTR rides home after a big exam in Central Hong Kong, many beers, and a bowl of spicy soup with new friends in Wan Chai. Times when every worry I had about work, school, and Toronto couldn’t farther from my mind.

And it can be seen in Chin to Chin, where my brother and I cut a swath through Vietnam, and where I consumed the best pho I’ve ever had. 2013 was a year of many firsts, many high highs and low lows, a time when I figured a lot of stuff out, and of the 32 I’ve seen, one of the most memorable.

To 2014.


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