Easy Restaurant (Little Italy)

Easy Restaurant @ 713 College Street Street in Toronto Ontario, call them @ (416) 535-2222

Easy Restaurant Little Italy

There are presently two Easy Restaurants – one in Parkdale and one in Little Italy. I lived directly above the Little Italy permutation this Spring and regularly witnessed long lines of soon-to-be patrons eagerly waiting to worship at this altar to Southwestern-inspired diner food. So when my mom came to visit, I was primed to take her for an approximate Mother’s day brunch and see what all the fuss was about.

Easy is a reference to the movie Easy Rider. I suppose the unifying theme of this restaurant is the aesthetic of that movie, along with similar films from the 70s. There are also a bunch of movie posters from the Easy Rider era. The cuisine, on the other hand, is composed and pricey (by breakfast standards), belying the grittiness of the movie.

Easy could also be a reference to the service at Easy Restaurant. The servers, exhibiting a high level of experience and professionalism, move fluidly through the room taking orders, refilling coffee, and chatting with customers. They get everything done quickly and well, with a cool and easy vibe.

Breakfast Tacos w Chorizo at Easy Restaurant

Easy is certainly not a reference to Easy Restaurant’s impact on your pocketbook. I ordered the weekday special, which is three breakfast tacos for about $10. It didn’t seem much like a special, as it essentially consisted of three tortillas, eggs, cheese and sauce. The food cost couldn’t be much more than a quarter of the price. The server offered the tempting upgrade of chorizo in the tacos, which I accepted, but bumped the price to $15. I know tacos are expensive in this city, but three breakfast tacos with no sides for $15 is excessive by any accounting. They were good: expertly scrambled eggs, tangy sauce, and fresh (but not house-made) tortillas. But for $15 they needed to wash my car and take out the garbage to be worth the price I paid.

I’m on the fence with Easy Restaurant. On the one hand it’s a fun restaurant with a cool vibe. On the other hand, I’d rather just buy some tortillas at La Torilleria, fry some eggs, and save myself $8 + tip. You know?


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