About Your Pho-downer

About the ‘Downer

While getting a doctorate for figuring out how to measure human experience, I worked tirelessly at figuring out how to measure pho.  Most of this is documented on my old website, which has subsequently been sold to another Vancouver-area food writer.  I later briefly brought this concept to a Santa Barbara-area student newspaper.

I’ve also worked in the wine industry and am beginning a fledgling law career.

I think I know food pretty well, but pho is where I excel.  I’ve lost track of how many phos I’ve tried – both for better and worse – but emerged with a decent palate for pho.  Somewhere along the line a five point system for rating pho joints was established, and it’s what I’ll use here until something better comes along.

So let’s start this crazy effing journey.


If you have any interest in discussing the contents of this website and don’t want to do so via the comments, try the name of this blog (torontophodown) at google’s e-mail service (gmail).

dot com.


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